Dale County
Sheriff's Office
Ozark, Alabama
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Civil Division

The Dale County Sheriffs' Office Civil Division carries out the sheriff's responsibility of serving all civil and criminal subpoenas, writs, garnishments and any other orders issued by the court, district attorney or a private attorney.  The civil division is made up of (5) part-time employees from various different law enforcement and military backgrounds.  The civil division serves approximately 10,000 documents annually to citizens and businesses throughout Dale County.

Lt. Brandon Elmore supervises the civil division and can be contacted @ (334) 774-2335.   


Be advised that, beginning April 1, 2016, the cost of process fee of $50.00 shall be paid for service, or attempted service of process, on each document requiring personal service of process by the Dale County Sheriff's office, for matters pending or to be commenced in a court outside of Dale County, AL.

The clerk of the court, or his or her designee, shall collect the service of process fee and distribute the fee to the Dale County Sheriff's Service of Process Fee Fund, to be held and administered by the Dale County Commission. This is due to HB18, a bill that passed through the State Legislature. All funds are to be paid to the Dale County Commission in the for,m of a money order or cashier's check, and to be deposited in the Dale County Sheriff's Service of Process Fee Fund.