Dale County
Sheriff's Office
Ozark, Alabama
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S.E.R.T. (Sheriff's Emergency Response Team)

The Sheriff's Emergency Response Team or commonly referred to as "SERT" is the Dale County Sheriff's Office tactical team. SERT was formed in 2010 and is made up of highly trained and skilled individuals who respond and conduct missions that fall outside the normal parameters of a law enforcement response. These missions include "high-risk" search/apprehension warrants, barricaded subjects, hostage rescues and other situations that require a tactical resolution.

Members of the SERT undergo extensive training in specialized tactics and marksmanship. SERT members are held to a higher standard of proficiency on multiple weapons systems. SERT members are require to qualify with a minimum score of 90% (APOSTC standard is 70%) on all weapons.

SERT trains monthly to stay proficient and ready to deploy at a moments notice. SERT members must be ready to deploy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

SERT members are made up of marksman observers, entry team, medics and a reconnaissance team.

SERT members are capable of inserting into a number of different situations by utilizing  up-armored Humvee's as well as an aerial insertion by the Sheriff's Office's aviation unit.

Chief Deputy Mason Bynum is the SERT team commander.