Dale County
Sheriff's Office
Ozark, Alabama
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Fundamental values -

As your Sheriff, I have been called upon to maintain a high quality of conduct necessary in law enforcement.  

The law enforcement community faces many issues, and maintaining public trust is important.   Our deputies are in a position of trust and responsibility towards the safety and wellbeing of the community.  I aim to promote high expectations as we carry a strong mission of the Dale County Sheriff's Office.  Courage, compassion, teamwork, trust worthiness, justice and service are fundamental values that are the cornerstone of responsible law enforcement. 

We accomplish our mission by not only partnering with the community and local agencies but also with other County, State and Federal authorities. We utilize these alliances to find cost effective ways to meet the needs and reach the goals for exemplary law enforcement for Dale County. As your elected Sheriff, I use my experience working with budgets to make sure every dollar spent by the Dale County Sheriff’s Office will be necessary and yield results to enhance the safety and security of the taxpayers. The employees of the Sheriff's Office will continue to receive the best training available in order to provide the best service for Dale County. 

By promoting our values on a consistent basis from the top down, we will ensure our standard of quality and obtain results of the highest caliber.

Thank you for the trust you place upon the Dale County Sheriff’s Office.


Sheriff Wally Olson